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An Outdoor Oven Welcome

Hello, to all RGS Readers, who love cooking outdoors

Wood Fire Pizza Ovens are a fantastic way to enjoy food With Friends & Family Outdoors.

I am a small business owner who fell in love with cooking outdoors a few years back and now enjoy spreading the word to the world, that there are alternative options to standing alone at a BBQ, while your guests await their food like kings & queens.

Pizza oven allows everyone to enjoy the gathering, its inclusive, brings out amazing flavours in food and is so versatile, you really can cook a wealth of food in just one small oven.

Check back here for, great food stories, cooking for less, recipes and so much more.

Jacket potato cooking inside a wood fire pizza oven
Ember Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Cooking With An Outdoor Oven?

Wondering which oven should you choose? We have small portable ovens, which are great to pack up and take to friend's, family, or on holiday. To much bigger ovens, which are free-standing, and are more suited as a permanent addition to your outdoor space. Which oven would suit your lifestyle and outdoor space best?

Which Oven Size Would You Prefer?

  • Large Outdoor Wood Oven

  • Portable Outdoor Wood Oven

Which Wood Should I Choose?

Will be a topic coming up for our readers. There are many types of fuel to choose from. Kiln dried, oak, cherry, apple, acacia, walnut, maple, large logs, small logs.

Watch out for for "The Best Fuel For The Fire" Blog.

We would love to you to Invite readers to leave a comment, & Subscribe.

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